In connection with the amendment of the Animal Protection Act (Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] from 2011, No. 230, item 1373), which in article 6, paragraph 2, item 1 unequivocally prohibits cropping the ears and docking the tails, the Main Board of the ZKwP (Polish Kennel Club) adopted the following resolutions:

    1. All dogs born in Poland after 01.01.2012 must have their ears and tails left natural.

    2. The Main Board of the ZKwP (Polish Kennel Club) at the meeting on 16.09.2015 decided that from 01.01.2016 any cropped/docked dog born in Poland after 01.01.2012 would be banned from Polish dog shows.

    3. The dogs born in countries where cropping/docking is prohibited cannot be entered into the show.

    4. The dogs can be entered into the show only if their ears and tails are left natural.

    5. The dogs born in countries where cropping/docking isn't prohibited can be entered to the shows regardless of whether they are cropped/docked or have their ears and/or tails left natural.

    6. When submitting entries of cropped/docked dogs born abroad for dog shows in Poland, substantial is the current legal status concerning cropping/docking in the country of origin, not the date of birth of the dog.

    Please be informed that due to server failure, waiting time for the pedigrees is two months, starting from the date of receipt of "metryka" from the branch office.
    At the same time please be informed that temporarily we are unable to issue the pedigrees in express mode.
    The delay involves registration of the kennel names and applications for champion titles.
    We apologize for any inconvenience, we will make our efforts to rectify the backlog as soon as possible.

    1. Only the breeder can apply for issuing the export pedigree for a foreign owner (not being a member of ZKwP).
    2. The breeder should submit the original birth certificate (Metryka) in his/her ZKwP Branch.
    3. The ZKwP Main Board Office issues the export pedigree on the basis of the birth certificate.
    4. The issued export pedigree is sent to the breeder's ZKwP Branch.
    5. The breeder is responsible for receiving and immediate forwarding the pedigree to the dog's owner.
    6. The pedigree is issued within 60 working days from receiving the birth certificate by the ZKwP Main Board Office.
    7. In case of not receiving the export pedigree please contact the breeder.
    8. The waiting period for documents may be changed for reasons beyond the ZKwP Main Board Office.

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